Our Background

"Aran has been a pleasure to deal with, honest and straightforward and his company have provided friendly, regular contact and updates throughout the process. To date he has done everything that he promised and on that basis I would recommend you seek his advice if you're thinking of any property investment."

Kirsty Harvey – York

"I have known and worked with Aran now for nearly 3 years and throughout I have found him to be honest, reliable, focused and an excellent Businessman - I would have no hesitation in advising any of my Clients or Professional Contacts who may be considering property investment personally, or for their Clients, to liase firstly with Aran at Property Insight." June 8, 2011

Mark Burn

A dynamic team that covers every area of property


Here at the Insight Group, we have formed the perfect power team to help you through your property investment experience!

Property Insight is the first step on your investment journey. Over 19 years of experience in property purchasing and Buy to Lets, has been brought together to form the perfect service to show you how to achieve financial freedom - meaning that you may never have to work again less than 15 years from today. Over 12 years, our skilled property Sourcers will help you to build a property portfolio that is worth in excess of £1,000,000! Our 75/40 model is designed to turn your £75,000 investment, into a return of £40,000 per annum, for life! After year 12 and onward.

Alongside Property Insight, we have three other companies that form the perfect power team, to support you through your portfolio building experience. 

After you have purchased a property, our Rental Refurbishments team will get to work, renovating and redecorating your property to ensure that it meets a high quality, lettable standard.

The Mortgage Insight team work on getting you the best mortgage, to guarantee that you will be making the most money from each of your purchases. You can learn more about this by clicking here.

When the mortgage is in place, the Rental Insight team can the work on tenanting the property, operating on strict guidelines to ensure that all landlord/tenant relationships are functional and strong; to promote long term tenancies and a reliable rental income. For more information on Rental Insight, please click here.

However, if this service doesn't seem like it would work for you, we also offer Property Sourcing Made Easy; a subscription service that sources over 100 discounted properties a month for our investors. Please, click here to find out more about how we can help you to manage your time more efficiently, while sourcing over 1,200 property deals for you, per year.

The companies  CEO, Aran Curry, has developed a portfolio of over 100 properties, that currently delivers a superb income, and is also perfectly tailored for property growth. This experience has allowed him to gather valuable knowledge and expertise in property portfolio building, and the property market as a whole. 

Initially, Aran used his knowledge to expand his own portfolio and manage a small team of individuals, who would buy 10 discounted propertis per month, to then sell them on for a profit. However, given the state of the mortgage and property markets, He came to realise that other could benefit from his experience with acquiring properties this way.

Aran is the author of "The Property Coach - Property investing from the very best", which was published in early 2012. He also produces a series of 52 weekly videos that go out to over 100,000 property investors each week. Alongside this, Aran also speaks monthly on the Property Investor Network webinars, runs his own FREE educational webinars and also hosts Simon Zutshis webinars once a month.

When you invest with Property Insight, you can rest assured that your investments are carefully considered by a team that is professional and established as one of the leaders in their field.