BBC’s meet the landlords

Today, only a small minority of the population have managed to secure enough stable income to purchase their own homes and call themselves ‘homeowners’, this means that the remaining 8.5 million are now living in rented accommodation, and the price of renting are higher than ever.


As a result of this astounding number of tenants within the general population, today’s generation has been deemed ‘generation rent’, and the BBC have released a new series that explores the lives of the people who own one fifth of the UK’s property - ‘Meet the Landlords’.


We first meet Jim Haliburton - self proclaimed ‘HMO Daddy’, he’s been in the business for over 20 years and has amassed a portfolio of over 102 HMO’s, housing over 800 of the UK’s tenants. The show offers a narrow view into the daily life of a UK landlord, although it does paint a fairly one sided picture, and failed to shed much light onto the benefits of being a landlord or a tenant.


Nevertheless, ‘Meet the Landlords’ is very interesting and displays a few of the problems that you can face when becoming a professional landlord, though it is recommended that you consider that the scenarios displayed are worse case, and many landlords will agree that it’s not as gloomy as the show suggests.


To listen to the show tune in on Thursdays at 10:30 and CLICK HERE to get to the BBC’s Website for more info.