Property for freedom is a charity that is being set up by The Insight Group in 2015.

The goal is very simple, to create a profitable charity that over the next twenty years grows a portfolio of 1000 UK properties, where all profits will go to great charitable causes.

The key is building the great business. Many charities are run be wonderful people that really want to help people, but they don't have the strengths to turn as much of every £1 invested into a £1 in the right area as they would like.

By buying property with large discounts we aim to make sure every pound invested creates Free equity across a large portfolio, with the £1 coming back out to be used again and again and again in the same way. Thus creating a portfolio that will provide income forever.

Initially the charity is focusing on enabling twenty African villages to become self sufficient. The goal being not to cure famine or provide an instant hit, but to provide people with the tools and education so they can create a future for themselves and their families for years to come.

Often this can be small business loans just to get started in life, supported by good education, access to water etc. Villages of around the size of 150 people will be looked at where we can make a real difference.

The charity will go on to support other great causes over time.

The real benefit to anyone supporting us with this is:

  • Every £1 given will be turned into a greater amount by using it to buy greatly discounted property and using our model to release equity back out after 6-12 months (In effect getting all funds back out so it can be used again)
  • People can lend money to the charity knowing they are massively helping and that the money will come back to them within 6-12 months. E.g. a £20000 loan is a deposit to buy a property, which we can refinance after 7 months to pay the £20,000 back. But the charity then owns the property with equity in it.
  • People can even earn interest upto 5% by lending the money on agreement on certain properties
  • People who can't give money can be mortgage hosts for the charity or can give their expertise or time
  • The charity will benefit from all the relationships The Insight Group has in property, getting all services for far less than normal cost
  • The charity is using The Insight Group's great knowledge of a specialist area to generate great funds. It will then find the right people with the right expertise to make the best use of the funds created

Many clients of the Insight Group are bright individuals with many skills. The charity will be able to tap into this.

As we grow the charity we will post more information here.

We would love people who find this interesting to register their general interest below. If you do we will send you regular emails updating you of our progress. If you see a way you can help or that you would want to be involved you can then let us know over time. Just put your details below. We won't send you anything else on the back of this.

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