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Thank you for visiting our page.  At The Insight Group, we STRIVE to be your number one source of property information. On this page you can find a selection of learning tools and resources designed specifically for today's savvy property investor. We have designed key materials which you can use and keep for your use in the future. Please click on the links below to access.



How to find the best property partners to work with (PDF report)

This report covers the five most important rules you should follow when creating and maintatining the best property partner relationships CLICK HERE To download your report.  This report includes

the five strategies you should implement when developing and maintaining the best property partner relationships. It covers the importance of 'doing your due dilligance' on your contact as well as the property, and also how to stay 'top of their mind.' You can download this report as a PDF to keep on your PC.  



Best areas to invest in 2015

This video covers "The best areas to invest in, in 2015". Aran covers a range of topics from where exactly you should invest your money when, to whether to purchase family lets vs HMO's. He also covers in detail the pros and cons of distance investing and local investing.


3 Strategies to use before you consider purchasing a Buy to Let Property


Have you ever wondered whether you are keeping up with the up to date with recent property news and trends? Our weekly property blogs are short videos designed to last up to 2 minutes and include updates on the latest news and info from the property sector.

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Property Sourcing Made Easy!!

The above video discusses Property Insight's property subscription service. Where we guarantee that you will see 100 GENUINELY discounted properties each month.

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