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How many times have you said that you want to start out in property but have been put off because you just don't know where to start? At Property Insight we want to be your number one property educator, we have designed this property starter pack to help you begin your investment journey.

It covers topics from

  • 'Ensuring you buy at the right time and at the right price'
  • 'Refurbishing your properties to get them ready to ready to rent'. 
  • 'The Leverage of property'
  • 'Which areas to buy in'
  • 'Key rules in property purchase'
  • 'Finding and KEEPING the right tenants'
You can re-visit this page and watch these videos again and again. They will prove a valuable source for you when making any investment decisions in the future. Please see below our recordings.

Objectives and Goals

Listen to Aran explain the key objectives, goals and the importance of knowing where you want to go. It is important to keep track of these goals for when you encounter 'bumps in the road.'

The Leverage of Property

Aran discusses the beauty of UK property and how you can use the market rises to maximise your returns.

Being Tax Efficient in Property

Aran discusses how to be tax efficient with your property investing, these tax strategies will show you how to build your portfolio in the best way, we cover income tax efficiency, capital gains tax efficiency and inheritance tax efficiency.

The Best Places to Invest

Aran discusses the housing market, the historic house data and where the housing market will go.

Finding the BEST property partners

In property investing it is vital that you have the 'best team' around to support you. The constant supply of the right types of properties is vital. We will discuss how to identify these people and how to maintain the best relationships.

How to find and KEEP the best tenants

Finding the best tenants is key to be successful in your property journey, your ultimate goal should be to find 'lifers' someone who wants to stay in your property for life. We will discuss the best strategies to ensure you will achieve this with all your properties.

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