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Property Insight have to date obtained me 3 properties at massive discounts, " … "have had tenants sourced and all have a positive cash flow and are looked after by Property Insight, I literally don't have to do a thing.

Dean Robinson, York

Free Videos

At Property Insight we want to be your number one for education. We have designed these videos to help you whether you are new to property investing or have been doing it for years and just need to brush up on the basic. Hope you enjoy our videos.



Gives a background to where the knowledge and expertise comes from.


Property Objectives and Goals

Will help you work out exactly where you are going and the best way to get there.


Taking Profits from Property

How do the professionals take their profits, over many properties whilst paying little or no tax!? How can you do the same!

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Be Tax Efficient in Property Investing

The best way to set things up and whether to use interest only or repayment mortgages.

Key Rules in Property Purchase

What are the rules the experts use? Years of purchasing experience packed into 13 minutes of video! Maybe the most valuable video!

Leverage – The Most Important concept in Property

By far the most important concept to understand. it’s a must watch which shows you why property!

How to turn a £75,000 investment into £40,000 per anum, tax free, for life

Would you like this type of income for the rest of your life?

When will house prices go up again and when will rents go up?

Covers the current housing market and what will make the house prices increase and what makes rents increase, its all a cycle!