Today there are THREE people working to every one retired...

In 2040 there will only be 2 people working to support one retiree..

By 2040 it is likely that most people will be working until they are 70 +

The public sector pension fund already has a 1.3 trillion shortfall!!

64% of people surveyed said they did not understand their pension

Only 32% of people still think it is worth investing in a pension scheme

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The statistics that we have gathered for this report are hard to take... Most people want to protect their financial future and be confident that they will not have to worry once they retire. Our free report outlines some statistics that we have gathered which confirms that your money is better invested in property. Statistics gathered by Prodential in 2013 revealed that a fifth of those retiring this year will be below the poverty line and 14% will have no pension all.'

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