Maintenance Insight

Maintenance Insight is the maintenance business within the Insight Group.

They work mainly for our own investor or through word of mouth, which is why Maintenance Insight does not need its own website.

Maintenance Insight has existed for around three years, but became its own trading company in October 2011.

It has nine members of team who work permanently for the company and a further sixty plus contractors who get at least a week's work per month from us on average.

We only buy properties in an area where we have the fifteen key tradesmen in place already. Known and trusted so we can get our client investors and tenants, a great service at great value.

Maintenance Insight are specialists at two things:

  1. Refurbishing a property and getting it ready for rental. They are experts at knowing where to spend money and where not to. The team will hit a property in a squad and make sure it is fully ready for letting both inside and out.
  2. Managing ongoing issues when tenants call in needing some part of the property repairing.

The Maintenance Insight team work in the same office as the Rental Insight team and are managed by Rachel Dartnall – Smith.

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