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Property Insight is the culmination of over 20 years of property experience and well over 1,000 purchases, being brought together in a service that can show anyone how to achieve financial freedom – the option to never work again, less than 15 years from today. (Often faster).

We understand that every investor is different – wanting to achieve different things in different ways. So we have created a number of products that will allow you to get what you really want from your property investments, whilst having total peace of mind that you are investing as an expert would and getting the best results.

We do this by managing the investment process for you (it can be as hands on as you'd like) and making sure that we adhere to a strict set of standards when purchasing each property for you. These are the standards that we would refer to when buying property for ourselves.

We have seven key products that our investors can choose from

1. Safe and Secure

Investment Commitment £75,000+

We take an investment of £75,000 (which is held in your solicitors escrow account) and build a portfolio of nine properties over a twelve year period.

By buying properties at discount we guarantee to turn your £75,000 investment into £80,000 of equity within the first year (3 properties) accounting for all costs and fees of buying property.

And based on 5% growth over the ten year period you will have £1,000,000 of property and an income of £40,000 per annum tax free for life.

As the name of the product suggests all properties are bought to very strict "Key Rules" that we have developed over the years and are very risk adverse investments.

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2. Invest Now and Profits Later – Safe and Secure

Investment Commitment £75,000+

Very similar to the safe and secure model – the investment strategy is exactly the same, using the same strict “key rules” and only buying the right properties.


The only difference is that a lot of our clients want some income today as well as long term growth – so this model allows someone to invest £75,000+ and then draw a 5% return on the capital invested year on year whilst still having their portfolio growing.


This is great for a client who would like some income as they go along.


An example would be a £100,000 investment. The income received would be £5,000 per annum and at the end of twelve years you would have £1,300,000 of property and a £42,000 income for life tax free again based on 5% growth.

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3. Property Sourcing Made Easy 

We understand that it can be difficult to buy properties with a significant discount when you don't know how to find them. Most discounted properties never even come to the market. This is why we do all of the hard work for you! Buying with more than a 15% discount means that your portfolio will be three times as large in ten years; therefore it will return three times as many profits.

We'll provide you with 80+  properties a month to chose from, and also let you tap into our invaluable resources; such as our mortgage and rental teams, to ensure that you're getting the best experience from your property investment.

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4. Joint Venture Serious Investors

Investment Commitment £500,000+

Aran is prepared to work directly with six investors, to build them a strong and fruitful portfolio. The target income is £325,000 per annum, from year ten onwards; or over £1,000,000 from year twenty onwards.

This is based on our Safe and Secure model, although often with these six investors the profits can grow more quickly, if  they are comfortable to use some of their investment for more risky but more profitable property investment strategies, such as HMO and LHA strategies.

As Aran works so closely with these people through the year, applicants for this product are interviewed to make sure that they would be committed and would benefit from working with him.

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