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"Always rated Rob Moore, followed by Simon Zutshi as the best but in terms of content, you are the best Aran..  Thank you for that great webinar"

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"Thanks for a great webinar"

"A special thank you to Aran Curry, for tonight's webinar. Extremely interesting and inspiring."

"Great talk, really interesting and thank you for answering my questions. Love the very frank and honest approach"

"I was hugely impressed with your webinar last night and have requested follow up material directly"
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"Your webinars and YouTube clips are brilliant - I love the fact that you give us information in bite-sized chunks which is explained very simple and easy to understand"


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One of our key guarantees, when we run webinars, is, that Aran (or whoever is speaking) will stay on the webinar until every question is answered. Questions can be regarding the subject that evening or any other property queries you may have.

Please see below for a list of upcoming webinars we are hosting.

Past Webinars

The recent tax proposals and what they mean to you

During this webinar Aran Curry, CEO of The Insight Group and property expert, talks about the proposed tax budget, what it means and how it affects you. He also explains how these proposals will affect all types of investors and how a bit of lateral thinking can reduce the impact of the forthcoming changes, and importantly not to panic ...

The five key traits every property portfolio builder has to have

In this webinar, Aran discusses 'The five key traits all property investors must have.' He also runs through what habits you must have and which habits you need to get rid of. Aran is respected for his blend of integrity and expertise, and we love passing on our knowledge to you so you can be successful in property as well.

The best place to invest in during 2015 and the five biggest threats to UK landlords

In this webinar, Aran covers where the best places to invest during 2015 are, and what are the five biggest threats facing UK landlords today.

Finance, Tax and Accounting

This webinar covers financing tax and accounting in property. It is full of tips and techniques whether you want to buy property yourself or have others do it for you. For those of you wanting to understand exactly what Property Insight do, it covers all of our strategies and why we are the best property sourcing company in the UK to work with you.

Buy to let Mortgage Market and Mortgage Questions

In this webinar, Aran talks about the current BTL mortgage market and runs through some mortgage questions

Mindset of a Property Investor versus a homeowner and the Key Rules that mean you always buy great property

Do you worry about whether to invest or not? Fearful of what may go wrong? Not sure whether more property is right for you or not?

Do you understand,100%, what to buy and what not to buy? Would you like the clear list of rules, that any teenager could tick off, showing you which properties to buy and which ones to leave?

This webinar will cover all this and more. Becoming a successful investor takes time, and any lessons you can learn to cut out expensive mistakes and can save you a fortune!

The Nine Key Questions to ask any letting agent and Why a Letting Agent can make you more money

Wondering whether to use an agent or manage the properties yourself? Not sure who to trust or how to pick an agent? Want to ensure they care as much about your property as you would?

This webinar will cover all of the key questions you must ask an agent to ensure you work with the right one. It will also show you how agents can make you more money from property and how to leverage that.

The budget and tax changes - what they mean and what you can do.

In this webinar Aran Curry, CEO of The Insight Group and property expert, talks about the new tax budget, what it means and how it affects you.

The Five Biggest Threats to an Investor and the Three Best Things to do to Avoid Them

During this webinar, Aran discusses the five biggest threats to an investor and the strategies to use to avoid them.

Property Insight - Our Investment Model

In this webinar, Aran covers the investment model of his company, Property Insight. Aran will show you how you can turn an initial investment of £75,000 into £40,000 per annum.

How to find, analyse and finance incredible property deals

During this property webinar, Aran Curry, CEO of the Insight Group and property expert, will show you how to find, analyse and finance the best property deals. 

Property Sourcing Made Easy

This webinar will talk you through our newly launched Property Sourcing Product.
Do you understand that buying with discount saves you thousands of pounds? Do you want to ensure you buy only the best deals? Do you want a power team to support you?
Our newly launched product gives you access to all of our power teams built up over the years – solicitors, mortgage brokers, letting agents, trades people, valuers.
And then gives you 80+ 15% discounted properties per month guaranteed as well as high yield, HMO’s and portfolio opportunities.

The ten key ways to ensure you think like an investor and your investing is successful

Do you see yourself as a property investor, but find it difficult to build an effective power team?

Do you want to make sure that ALL your investment decisions are the right ones made with the right mindset?

During this webinar, Aran will be discussing 'The ten key ways to ensure you think like an investor and your investing is successful.' He will be covering topics such as common property mistakes. These mistakes vary from; not advertising your property before you buy to refurbishing your property with a homeowners mindset rather than an investor's. Making these common mistakes can result in your property costing you money, rather than making you money. Aran will show you how, with a few changes, you could end up saving thousands.  The webinar is ideal for you if you are new to property investing or need to brush up on your property knowledge.