Property Sourcing Webinar

Property Insight have to date obtained me 3 properties at massive discounts, " … "have had tenants sourced and all have a positive cash flow and are looked after by Property Insight, I literally don't have to do a thing.

Dean Robinson, York

Please find below the recording of a webinar which covers property sourcing and also hands free investing with Property Insight.

It is full of tips and techniques whether you want to buy property yourself or have others do it for you.

For those of you wanting to understand exactly what Property Insight do it covers all of our strategies and why we are the best property sourcing company in the UK to work with you.

The first hour is Aran covering how to source properties cheaply and also how the company works.

The following two hours cover question and answers that were asked by the audience. Its often useful to hear other peoples questions as they may thing of things to ask that you may not. However how Property Insight works is covered in the first hour.

Although only booked for an hour over 50% of people stayed on for two hours plus.

"As an attendee at the webinar on Wednesday night I found myself immensely impressed with the offering presented for 'hands off' property portfolio building."

"Fantastic offers, thank you very much. I would love to recieve your free gifts. "

"Just listening to the webinar now. Starting to sound very interesting!"

"Could I please get a copy of your brilliant presentation"

"Please do send me a copy of the presentation, it was very good I would like to watch that again"

"Thanks for a great webinar"

"A special thank you to Aran Curry, for tonight's webnar. Extremely interesting and inspiring."

"Great talk, really interesting and thank you for answering my questions. Love the very frank and honest approach"

"I was hugely impressed with your webinar last night and have requested follow up material directly"

"I found your presentation very insightful, thank you. Please contact me when convenient to discuss possibilities of investing with you"

"very interested....please contact me..."

"I would be interested in how your company could help me grow my existing portfolio."


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