Get paid for your referrals

The Insight Group want to pay you to refer clients to us. The below table shows you how much you could receive for referring somebody to us who then goes on to purchase any of our products:

Product Name

Membership fee/Price


Property Insight Portfolio Building Service



Property Insight

Cash Flow Builder

£4200 (local service)

£3600 (anywhere service)


Property Insight PSME Service



Completed Property




Full Membership (includes 3-day course, coaching academy online and “ask Aran Anything”)









Coaching Academy Online



1:1 Coaching with Aran (for clients with over £100000 to invest



Rental Insight


10% commission +VAT per month

10% first month’s rent

Mortgage Insight



Ten-year service £2000



Ten-year service     £200


Need a pension of over £75,000

£10 if they will have an appointment on the phone and then £150 if they go ahead


Just email with your contact details as well as the person you are referring.

If your referral is successful we will call you and arrange payment.