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Property Insight has built a report to help anyone looking to build a successful property portfolio which will help them to avoid the pitfalls that many investors will typically face. 

During our research, we found that many investors felt unsure when it came to making a final decision about a property purchase. We have spent hours collecting data and interviewing hundreds of property investors, and we have created a cutting edge property report designed specifically to help investors choose the right properties.

We have formatted the report into short videos so you can refer to the recordings in the future. Please see below the videos for 'The 9 key areas you need to master before you purchase your investment properties.' The videos are narrated and hosted by Aran Curry, CEO of the Insight Group.

 1. The five biggest threats to a UK landlord 


 2. Property, The Facts


3. Which strategies to follow? Which properties to buy?


4. Key rules to follow when investing in property


5. The power of your power teams 


6. The Nine key questions you MUST ask anyone you are going to work with in property


7. The leverage of buying with discount  


8. Which areas are the BEST to invest in and why?


9. Putting together your property sourcing team


10. A word from your sponsor

11. Property Insight's Hansfree Portfolio Building Service


How property is your REAL alternative to pensions....

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