How to Send in a Video Testimonial

At Property Insight, we love hearing feedback from our clients, so we have compiled some basic guidelines of how to leave us a video testimonial with any of your thoughts!


All you need is a video camera! 

Be that anything from a top-of-the-range video camera, to the video camera on your phone! We don't mind!


Make sure you feel comfortable!

Standing infront of a camera can be daunting! But there's really nothing to worry about. Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable while recording:

  • Have someone standing behind the camera - Aran finds it helpful to have someone standing behind the camera when he films. That way it just feels like you're talking to your friend.
  • However, that doesn't work for everyone! In which case you could set your camera up infront of a mirror. Talk as if your practicing a speech with your reflection.
  • Have a script set out before you start! That way you wont have to pause as much and you'll gain a natural momentum when speaking!


Be honest!

It's always easier to talk about something honestly! We want to know what you really think!


Don't worry if you mess up!

Theres no need to invest in fancy video editing software! When you send your video in to us, you can add comments on anything that you would like taking out of the video and we'll do it all for you.


Save the video and send it in!

You can email the video directly from your phone! Just send it to OR upload the video to facebook and tag us in it so that we can see!

Below are some of our existing video testimonials if you're still a little bit stuck and in need of inspiration. Thank you!

Pam Featherstone  Mustafa Rahmen  Nozar Alikhanizadeh