Testimonials - Our wonderful clients


Mustafa Rahman - Recorded in 2014


Rob McPhunn - Recorded 2013


Nozar Alikhanizadeh- Recorded 2014

At the Insight group, our clients are our absolute life blood. We exist and strive each  day to be 100 % sure that our clients experience is the absolute best it can be. We know each of our clients on an individual basis, and know their goals, aspirations and dreams for the future. We work in cohesion with our clients to help them achieve these through the successful management of a profitable property portfolio. This testimonial page stands as testament to our property sourcing team, who do a fantastic job on a daily basis in securing the best discounted properties in the UK for our clients. On a weekly basis the property sourcing team see over 200 properties, and build relationships with over 800 property sourcers, please see below some of our wonderful testimonials that have been recorded by our Property Insight Clients.

John Turnbull, York

"Aran explained meticulously the nature of our investment and the returns it will produce. In less than a year we have accumulated six properties so far and we joyfully and with great peace of mind are able to confirm the accuracy of his projections.

No-one was more sceptical than us and no-one is now a greater supporter of Property Insight.

Aran's integrity, directness, commitment and concerned careful tailoring of his services to our needs are exceptional.
We unreservedly recommend everyone to talk to Property Insight before they make any investment planning.

Aran, thank you, it has been an absolute delight."  


Lorraine Alikhanizadeh

“We have owned our first 2 properties with Insight now for 1Yr, how time flies! Same tenants still going strong, great no hassle whatsoever. Looking forward to adding another one this year”

Parag Prasad

“I’d been searching for a company I could 100% trust to help me execute my property investment goals. Having studied property for 9 years and dabbled as an amateur investor, I knew my goals, but needed to recruit the best team of experts to help me achieve team. PI were that team for the following reasons

  1. Expertise - PI clearly had property expertise and shared the knowledge I needed to understand what I was doing.
  2. They answered our many questions & provided all information requested
  3. At no point did we feel pressured into working with them
  4. Their long term investment model aligns with the way I wanted to invest in property. It’s an attractive way of building lifelong passive income, yet a totally realistic model.
  5. PI built a step by step financial plan. It allowed me to understand potential annual income, future investment options & potential risks
  6. Time - the work involved with purchasing & managing our entire portfolio is done by PI - including sourcing properties, financing & tenants, refurbs, dealing with solicitors etc. Our time saving is of huge value as my goal was to spend as little time as possible on this, as I run a Business and have a family, yet be confident in the abilities of those managing our portfolio.
  7. They have clear processes and rules for how they work. That professionalism makes me feel more confident & I always know what’s happening next.
  8. I ask questions and challenge the team. I truly feel they are part of my team, rather than just a supplier. They have not let me down at any time.
  9. Aran, Chris & the team are great professionals, friends and good guys to know

Finding the right investment company was our most important decision last year....and it was the right one. We’re delighted with progress. Our portfolio has grown from 3 to 10 properties since we stared 12 months ago - we can’t wait to continue our journey.  My friends and clients want to invest in property too. PI are the only company I would tell them to speak to.”