Why Should YOU be Investing in Property?

  • Over the last 80 years, property values have increased by 7.9% year after year! Do not be afraid of the fluctuations in the property market, any ups and downs will smooth out to show a smooth increase in the property market, over all!

  • Property investment is difficult when you dont know what you're doing! Make sure you are learning from the right person! If you learn from someone who is average at what they do, you're going to get bad results! Make sure you are learning from someone who is outstanding at what they do so that you can get great results. Put the effort in to getting educated!
  • Leverage is the key! If you take £100,000 to buy a property for cash, you will make £10,000 if the market goes up by 10%. If you take that same £100,00 and put down four £25,000 deposits with four £75,000 mortgages, you will make £40,000 in a 10% market increase.