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Joint Venture serious investors Safe and Secure

Investment Commitment £500,000+

We have six slots available for Aran to work exclusively with six investors to build them a portfolio that will make them £325,000 per annum 10 years from now and well over £1,000,000 per annum 20 years from now.*

The six applicants will be working directly with Aran to build these portfolios. The successful applicants will be able to be very involved at all stages if they wish or to just let us do it all for them, once they are comfortable.

This is a very exclusive offer and I only want to work with six people to make sure I can deliver exactly what they want and need while also fulfilling my other business commitments.

Applicants will need to be able to meet the following criteria:

  • Be committed to wanting a large portfolio with a large income
  • Be able to take advice and support and action accordingly
  • Be able to move quickly when needed to secure the best deals
  • Understand that being risk averse in your property investing is the most safe and secure way to build a superb portfolio – there is no need to take risks
  • Be able to work quickly through email or telephone contact so we can move the portfolio forwards quickly
  • Have over £500,000 in cash, equity or pension funds that they wish to invest in residential UK property

Only serious investors who are also serious about their future profits through property should apply.

If you think this may be you then please email me at confirming your interest and that you meet the criteria above.  You will then be sent our pre-application questionnaire before having a telephone interview with Aran.

At that stage, fully understanding your objectives and goals, Aran can confirm if you are the right fit for us to work with and exactly what investment model we believe best fits your needs to achieve the goals above.

Normally this would be a mix of the safe and secure model running safely in the background and maybe using 10-40% of your investment (depending on your feelings) to make more risky property investments (HMO’s in the UK and LHA strategy properties) which will deliver more cash flow but can create more hassle.

With these more risky strategies they are still very sound investment strategies, in the UK residential market.

Profit forecasts listed above are based on 100% safe and secure so any different investing just increases the profit.

Property Insight makes its money through a small fee for sourcing each property (which comes from the investment lump) and through any extra discount it can achieve below 85% which it keeps. So we only profit if Aran works directly and in person with six special investors each year either as a direct joint venture or earning fees as he builds these clients a portfolio. Target income is £325,000 per annum from year ten onwards or over £1,000,000 from year twenty onwards.

This is based on the Safe and Secure model, although often with these six investors the profits can grow more quickly, if they are comfortable to use some of their investment for more risky but more profitable property investment strategies, such as HMO and LHA strategies.

As Aran works so closely with these people through the year, applicants for this product are interviewed to make sure that they would be committed and would enjoy working with Aran.

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Investment from £40,000-£500,000

The majority of our clients invest anywhere from £40,000 up to £500,000. We offer a ‘done for you’ portfolio builder service.

Having helped over 1000 purchases take place in the last decade we know what it takes to build an outstanding property portfolio and whether you are starting with your first property or have got a few already and want help to take it to the next level. We can deliver.

Successful investing needs Time, Money and Experience. We provide the Time and the Experience. We make it happen.

There are many ways to find out more. You can.

Click Here to Watch a Video where Aran explains our portfolio builder product in detail

Click Here to come to one of our FREE experience days where we show you exactly what we do for our investors

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Get Daily Property Motivation

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Watch Aran’s videos

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Outstanding Property Investment

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Learn how to build a successful property portfolio

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10 Free webinars reveal
exactly what you need to do to create
a successful portfolio.

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